Build Strong Online Base by Employing Marketing Techniques Effectively!

Build Strong Online Base by Employing Marketing Techniques Effectively!

Social media marketing has a few predominant techniques that efficiently work and reap results. However, the main problem is that most people in the industry believe that social media marketing is just one cumulative technique. Ignoring the intricacies of the methods, most of them employ consultants with the marketing part.

The result, thus, is never up to the mark because a generic marketing strategy never works. It depends on

  • Budget
  • Goals to be achieved
  • How big is the company?

Should different companies have different techniques?


It is true that employing marketing techniques correctly can turn out to be extremely powerful. Because of the misconceptions, most companies don’t yield the desired results. However, some of the common techniques are:

  • Brand Management:

This is the most prevalent technique. It consists of creation and maintenance of twitter handle and blog. It mostly deals with engaging relevant people with shared interests, sharing invaluable details to the audience and in turn creating a pool of visitors and followers. Eventually gaining trust achieves most of the brand goals.

This is effective since it applies the social aspect of social media. However, this needs immense patience.

Pros of this technique:

Successfully engages the target pool. Enables trust and leads to sustainable and stable success.

It needs time to show results. But that is a pro in disguise. It eventually creates a relationship with the audience. It shows how much you care about audience pool.

  • Social media targeting:

This process incorporates finding the individuals in the social platform and engaging them with your service. Experts use the tweets to contact the target audience directly based on keywords search. It is a very direct form of marketing.

However, it needs to be done with care, or else it might be tagged as spam. If identified so, it will hamper the long-term efforts you have put.

Direct and hence shows immediate outcome.

  • Social Bookmarking

 This form of promotion includes the services that refer to the URL and not the content directly. There are several sites that provide such services like Mixx, StumbleUpon etc. This technique achieves the goal of getting ranked at the top or placement on the front page. This, in turn, directs immense traffic to the website.


It is tricky to execute. Involves expense even if the results are not visible.
If viral, it can bring a multitude of traffic within a short time.

  • Marketing Gamification

 It is an indirect form of marketing where the concerned web page owner creates a viral content. This grasps the attention of people and in turn engagements. However, there is always less probability of getting a content viral. The technique is expensive, and there is a slim chance of it getting viral.

It has the potential of powering over millions of the population, thus creating a buzz.

  • Involving influencers:

 This requires the popular YouTube personals, tweeters and bloggers to promote the service or product. It is powerful and effective. But it does require time to attain the trust but if achieved creates the strongest audience traffic.

Generates qualified traffic in huge numbers. It is created based on trust and achieves fast results thereafter.

Get started with these strategies and let your online business take off to greater heights.