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10 Reasons that Triggered the Rise in Popularity of Instagram Marketing

Within 8 years of social media presence, Instagram has risen to its peak. It is not only a mere photo sharing app anymore; rather, it is also used for exploring and promoting different elements on the web. Currently, 32% of all social media users have an Instagram account. Though most of them are youths, statistics show that 59% of users between the ages of 18 and 29 use Instagram more frequently.

Not only the users, but Instagram is also used by most of the top brands for marketing as visual contents get more engagement easily. In fact, it is expected that Instagram will generate $5 billion revenue by the end of 2018.

Wondering how Instagram is getting so much hype in the digital marketing scenario?

10 reasons signifying the popularity of Instagram marketing:

  1. Easy to Use

The Instagram interface is interactive, eye-catching and very easy to use. As an app which caters to visual appealing, Instagram is extremely user-friendly as anyone can use this to edit and upload photos.

The interface is designed in a way that conversations are built around your post, thus, posts going viral. This is how brands to spread faster to a greater audience with viral contents in Insta.

  1. Bland to Beautiful

With inbuilt filters, Instagram can easily transform boring (or ordinary) images into exciting and dazzling ones. This is one of the major reasons of Instagram’s popularity. One can easily experiment with colors and explore one’s creativity.

For small businesses which cannot afford to hire reputed content writing agencies, they can easily create a buzz with interesting, brand or service related posts.

  1. Real Time Engagement

Like other leading social media platforms, Instagram also initiates real time engagement with its instant sharing ability. Being connected with Facebook and Twitter, businesses can showcase their products to a larger audience across multiple platforms at a time. This clearly increases customer engagement rapidly.

Launching new products or promoting live events can be very easily done through this app; this would generate a lot of interactions and earn real-time feedback.

  1. Visual Appeal

Humans interpret information through images faster than they do with texts. Hence, Instagram capitalizes on the effective visual communication.

Also, most people don’t want to read texts on social media anymore; they just give a glance and scan to find anything of their interest. This is where, Instagram triumphs by providing what the users exactly need.

  1. Hashtags

Talking about the popularity of Instagram and not mentioning hashtags can be a farce. From individuals to top brands, everyone loves to use hashtags.

When it’s a business marketing its service on Instagram, hashtags make it reach out to more people which, in turn, generates and converts more leads. Brands can also create innovative hashtags to promote their products. Surveys show that posts with hashtags have 70% of more interactions than the posts which do not.

  1. Market Easily

By now, you’re already aware of brand engagement rate through Instagram marketing, aren’t you?

Marketers like you should use this to their advantage, as stats show, most of the users on Instagram follow their favorite brands.

Here, you can easily start conversations with your followers by posting simple pictures combined with hashtags to target a certain community. Also, you can use videos to attract and inspire more users. From this, you can analyze how many of your brand’s followers are engaging, and this could give a hint of your potential sales lead.

Rewarding your followers or creating a contest is another way to increase brand image.

  1. Use of Ads

Instagram now allows brands to have paid ads, in which call to actions can be incorporated. The ads are centrally aligned with other posts, without pop-ups and interruptions. Hence, give a seamless experience to your potential customers.

Video ads are very striking and can effectively boost both your sales and website traffic.

  1. Keep a close watch on your rivals

Instagram’s simple user interface further allows you check on your rivals or other pioneers of the industry. It can help you learn from how they are promoting their brands and where they are lagging behind. If their approaches are giving negative impact, do not follow those. This is also a good way to modify and redesign your digital marketing strategies; your rivals are probably doing the same thing!

  1. Storytelling

Audiences love stories and Instagram is the easiest way to share those now. Instagram’s unique storytelling feature is way more popular and better than Snapchat and other social media apps. This is, again, a good reason why more and more businesses are looking forward to implementing Instagram marketing strategies.

  1. Automation

Last but not the least, Instagram now allows implementing automation. This is very helpful for marketers who have to post a lot periodically. They can use a variety of automation tools to schedule and post, targeting different times keeping the busy traffic in mind.

A few things more about Instagram: 

Instagram was not created for long conversations; it always prioritized crisp and to the point messages; the reason being users aren’t interested in reading long texts. This feature can be very effective to share a brand’s message too.

Insta’s control of safety: 

Though Instagram caters to public posts and interactions like Twitter, it has better control over safety and spam. While Twitter and Facebook, the other two social media giants, are crowded with unwanted links and posts, Instagram provides a more effective visualization of all these contents. Hence, a better noiseless experience it provides!

It’s quite obvious that the modern day marketing scenario is inclined towards social media platforms and Instagram is the undisputed king of them. Branding is heavily dependent on images and videos as these trigger emotions of potential clients.

Thus, Instagram marketing is essential for every business, be it small, medium or large. Some with effective marketing strategies have blossomed really well. For example, Starbucks has 1.5 million followers and their hashtags are associated with nearly 5.6 million posts.

Hope, the above pointers have answered why Instagram is so instrumental and justifiably popular in the online marketing domain.