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Tektronix TDS680C  2-Channel 1GHz 5GS/S Digitizing Scope
Tektronix TDS684A  4-Channel 1GHz Digitizing Scope
Tektronix TDS684B  Oscilloscope
Tektronix TDS684B/13/1F/2F  1GHz, 4-Channel, 5GSa/s Sampling Rate Di...
Tektronix TDS684C  4Ch 1GHz Digital Oscilloscope
Tektronix TDS684C/HD  4-Channel, 1GHz Color Digital Storage Os...
Tektronix TDS694C  4Ch 3GHz Digital Oscilloscope
Tektronix TDS694C/1M  4-Channel, 3GHz Color Digital Storage Os...
Tektronix TDS694C/1M/HD  4-Channel, 3GHz Color Digital Storage Os...
Tektronix TDS7054  4Ch 500MHz Digital Oscilloscope
Tektronix TDS7104  $2,500 4Ch 1GHz Digital Oscilloscope
Tektronix TDS7104/1M  4-Channel, 1GHz Digital Oscilloscope, 10...
Tektronix TDS7104/3M  4-Channel 1GHz DPO Scope
Tektronix TDS714L  4-Channel 500MHz Digitizing Scope
Tektronix TDS7154  4-Channel 1.5GHz DPO Scope
Tektronix TDS7154B  4Ch 1.5GHz Digital Oscilloscope
Tektronix TDS724D  2-Channel 500MHz Digitizing Scope
Tektronix TDS7254  4Ch 2.5GHz Digital Oscilloscope
Tektronix TDS7254B  4Ch 2.5GHz Digital Oscilloscope
Tektronix TDS7404  4Ch 4GHz Digital Oscilloscope
Tektronix TDS7404/1M  4-Channel, 4GHz Digital Oscilloscope wit...
Tektronix TDS7404/2M  4-Channel, 4GHz Digital Oscilloscope wit...
Tektronix TDS7404B  $8,750 4Ch 4GHz Digital Oscilloscope
Tektronix TDS744A  $795 4Ch 500MHz Oscilloscope
Tektronix TDS754A  $800 4Ch 500MHz Oscilloscope
Tektronix TDS754C  Digitizing Oscilloscope
Tektronix TDS754D  4Ch 500MHz Digital Oscilloscope
Tektronix TDS754D/1M  4-Channel, 500MHz Digital Oscilloscope...
Tektronix TDS754S/13/1F/1M/2F  500MHz, 4-Channel, 2GSa/s Sampling Rate...
Tektronix TDS7704B  4Ch 7GHz Digital Oscilloscope
Tektronix TDS784A  4-Channel 1GHz4GS/S Digitizing Scope
Tektronix TDS784C  TDS784C 1 GHz, Instaview Color Digitizin...
Tektronix TDS784C+OPTS  TDS784C 1 GHz, Instaview Color Digitizin...
Tektronix TDS784D  4Ch 1GHz Digital Oscilloscope
Tektronix TDS784D/05/1M/1R  4-Channel, 1GHz Digital Oscilloscope, 4G...
Tektronix TDS784D/1M  4-Channel, 1GHz Digital Oscilloscope w/...
Tektronix TDS784D/1M/HD  4-Channel, 1GHz Digital Oscilloscope w/...
Tektronix TDS784D/2M/HD  4-Channel, 1GHz Digital Oscillscope, 4GS...
Tektronix TDS794D  4Ch 1GHz Digital Oscilloscope
Tektronix TDS794D/1M  4-Channel, 2GHz Digital Oscilloscope, 4G...
Tektronix TDS8000  Oscilloscope Mainframe
Tektronix TDS8000B  Digital Sampling Oscilloscope, DC to 70G...
Tektronix TDS820  2Ch 6GHz Digital Sampling Oscilloscope
Tektronix TDS8200  Digital Sampling Oscilloscope, DC to 70+...
Tektronix TDSCEM1  Communications Eye-diagram Measurements...
Tektronix TDSJIT1  Jitter Measurement Software
Tektronix TDSJIT1V2  Jitter Measurement Software
Tektronix TDSUSB2  USB 2.0 Compliance Test Software
Tektronix TDSUSBF  USB Test Fixture
Tektronix TDSUSBT  USB 2.0 Compliance Test Software
Tektronix TE966  Portable ISDN Communications System
Tektronix TFC200  Optical Power Meter, Spectral range: 750...
Tektronix TFP2  $300 Fibre Master OTDR
Tektronix TFS3031  TekRanger2 Quad Long Range Mini OTDR
Tektronix TG2000  Test Signal Generator
Tektronix TG501  Time Mark Generator
Tektronix TG501A  Time Mark Generator
Tektronix TG700  Multifunction Video Generator
Tektronix THM565  Handheld 5MHz DSO/Multimeter
Tektronix THS710  2-Channel 60MHz Handheld Scope
Tektronix THS710A  2-Channel 60MHz Handheld Scope
Tektronix THS720  Handheld Battery Operated Oscilloscope
Tektronix THS720A  $695 Handheld Digital Oscilloscope/DMM, 2-Cha...
Tektronix THS720P  100 MHz TekScope with Power Measurements
Tektronix THS730A  Handheld Battery Operated Oscilloscope
Tektronix TLA510  Logic Analyzer
Tektronix TLA5201  Logic Analyzer, 34-Channels, 2GHz deep...
Tektronix TLA5202  68 Channel Portable Logic Analyzer
Tektronix TLA5202B  68-Channel 2GHz Timing Logic Analyzer
Tektronix TLA5204  136 Channel Portable Logic Analyzer
Tektronix TLA5204B  136-Channel 235MHz State 2MB State Logic...
Tektronix TLA611  34 Channel Portable Logic Analyzer
Tektronix TLA612  68-Channel Logic Analyzer
Tektronix TLA613  102-Channel Logic Analyzer
Tektronix TLA614  136 Channel Portable Logic Analyzer
Tektronix TLA624  136 Channel Portable Logic Analyzer
Tektronix TLA704  $300 Logic Analyzer Mainframe
Tektronix TLA711  Logic Analyzer Mainframe
Tektronix TLA714  Logic Analyzer Mainframe
Tektronix TLA715  Logic Analyzer Mainframe
Tektronix TLA720  5 Slot Logic Analyzer Mainframe
Tektronix TLA721  Logic Analyzer Mainframe
Tektronix TLA7AA2  102 Channel Logic Card
Tektronix TLA7AA3  102 Channel Logic Card
Tektronix TLA7AA4  136 Channel Logic Card
Tektronix TLA7AB2  68 Channel Logic Card
Tektronix TLA7AB4  136 Channel Logic Card
Tektronix TLA7D1  500MHz Digital Storage Oscilloscope Modu...
Tektronix TLA7E2  1GHz Digital Storage Oscilloscope Module
Tektronix TLA7L1  34-Channel 2GS/S State 100MHz State Acqu...
Tektronix TLA7L3  102 Ch Logic Analyzer Module
Tektronix TLA7L4  136 Channel Logic Card
Tektronix TLA7M1  32 Channel Logic Card
Tektronix TLA7M3  102-Channel 2GS/S State 100MHz State Acq...
Tektronix TLA7M4  136 Channel Logic Analyzer Module
Tektronix TLA7N2  68 Channel Logic Card
Tektronix TLA7N3  102 Channel Logic Analyzer Module
Tektronix TLA7N4  136 Channel Logic Analyzer Module
Tektronix TLA7NA4  136 Channel Logic Analyzer module
Tektronix TLA7P2  68 Channel Logic Card
Tektronix TLA7P4  136 Channel Logic Card
Tektronix TLA7PG2  $595 64 Channel Pattern Generator Module
Tektronix TLA7Q4  136 Channel Logic Card
Tektronix TLA7XM  Expansion Mainframe
Tektronix TLALAN  LAN Card
Tektronix TLS216  16 Ch 500MHz Logic Scope
Tektronix TM501  Power Mainframe
Tektronix TM502A  $225 Mainframe
Tektronix TM503  Power Module-3 Slot
Tektronix TM504  4 Slot Power Module
Tektronix TM506  6 Slot Power Module
Tektronix TMS109  P54 Support
Tektronix TMS805  Bus Support Pkg
Tektronix TMS808  AGP4X Bus State Support
Tektronix TOP220  High-Power Optical Power Meter
Tektronix TPA-BNC  TekProbe BNC Adapter, Enables Existing...
Tektronix TPG20  Test Pattern Generator
Tektronix TPG21  Test Pattern Generator
Tektronix TPS2024  Digital Storage Oscilloscope, 200 MHz...
Tektronix TR502  Tracking Generator
Tektronix TR503  Tracking Generator
Tektronix TSG-170A  NTSC TV Generator
Tektronix TSG100  NTSC TV Generator
Tektronix TSG1001  HDTV Generator
Tektronix TSG130  VITS Insertor
Tektronix TSG130A  Multiformat Signal Generator
Tektronix TSG131A  Multiformat Signal Generator
Tektronix TSG170D  Digital NTSC Generator
Tektronix TSG271  TV Generator
Tektronix TSG300  Component Television Generator
Tektronix TSG422  Digital Component Generator
Tektronix TSG601  $400 Serial Component Generator
Tektronix TSG90  Pathfinder TV Signal Generator
Tektronix TSG95  PAL/NTSC Signal Generator
Tektronix TV-1350  TV Demodulator
Tektronix TVS621  250MHz 1GS/S 2-Channel VXI Scope Module
Tektronix TVS641A  250MHz 1GS/S 4CH VXI Scope Module
Tektronix TVS645A  1GHz/5GS/S 4-Channel Vxi Scope Module
Tektronix VITS200  NTSC Analog Generator
Tektronix VITS201  PAL Insertion Generator
Tektronix VM101  PAL Video Measurement Set
Tektronix VM700  TV Analyzer
Tektronix VM700A  Video Measurement Set
Tektronix VM700T  Video Measurement Set
Tektronix WCA280A  8 GHz Wireless Communication Analyzer
Tektronix WCA330  3GHz Wireless Communication Analyzer
Tektronix WCA380  8GHz Wireless Communication Analyzer
Tektronix WFM300  Component Waveform Monitor
Tektronix WFM300A  Component/Composite Waveform Monitor
Tektronix WFM601A  Serial Component Waveform Monitor
Tektronix WFM601E  Serial Component Waveform Monitor With...
Tektronix WFM601I  Waveform Monitor
Tektronix WFM601M  Serial Component Monitor
Tektronix WFM700A  Serial Digital Waveform Monitor
Tektronix WFM700HD  Multi-format Waveform Monitor
Tektronix WFM700HD/SD  Multi-format Waveform Monitor
Tektronix WFM700M  Serial Digital Waveform Monitor
Tektronix WFM7120  Multi-Standard, Multi-Waveform Monitor
Tektronix WFM90  Handheld Waveform Monitor
Tektronix WFM91  Waveform Monitor
Tektronix WFM91D  Waveform Monitor
Tektronix WSTRO  Wavestar Software for Oscilloscopes
Tektronix Y350C  NetTek Analyzer Platform
Tektronix YBA250  NetTek BTS Antenna and Transmission Line...
Tektronix YBT250  Base Station Transmitter and Interferenc...
Tektronix YM8513  Multimode OTDR Module
Tektronix YSL1315  Singlemode OTDR Module
Tektronix YSS1315  Singlemode OTDR Module
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