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Schaffner Test Equipment

Your search found 50 used / refurbished Schaffner products.

Product Name Description Select
Schaffner CDN-110  Pulse Coupling Network
Schaffner CDN-113  Pulse Coupling Network
Schaffner CDN-126  Data line coupler
Schaffner NSG-2050-55  Surge Generator System
Schaffner NSG-431  21 kV ESD Simulator
Schaffner NSG-432  21 kV ESD Simulator
Schaffner NSG-432-100  25 kV ESD Simulator
Schaffner NSG-432-100A  25 kV ESD Simulator
Schaffner NSG-435  16.5 kV ESD Simulator
Schaffner NSG-650  High Energy Pulse Generator
Schaffner NSG1003  Dropout & Variation Simulator
Schaffner NSG1025  Fast Transient/Burst Generator
Schaffner NSG200D  EMC Mainframe
Schaffner NSG200E  EMC Mainframe
Schaffner NSG2025-1  Single Phase Fast Transient/Burst Genera...
Schaffner NSG2025-3  Single Phase Fast Transient/burst Genera...
Schaffner NSG2025-4  Three Phase Fast Transient/Burst Generat...
Schaffner NSG2025-7  Single Phase Fast Transient/Burst Genera...
Schaffner NSG203A  Mains Failure Plug-in
Schaffner NSG2050  Fast Transient/burst Generator
Schaffner NSG2070  Conducted Immunity Test System
Schaffner NSG222A  Pulse Interference Simulator Plug-In
Schaffner NSG223  High Energy Pulse Plug-in
Schaffner NSG223A  High Energy Pulse Plug-in
Schaffner NSG224A  Medium Energy Plug-in For 200e Mainframe
Schaffner NSG225A  Burst Simulator Plug-In
Schaffner NSG332  Coupling Clamp
Schaffner NSG401  AC Dropout Simulator
Schaffner NSG426  Data Line Interference Coupler
Schaffner NSG430  ESD Simulator
Schaffner NSG438  ESD Simulator (30kV Air/Contact)
Schaffner NSG5000  Automotive EMC Pulse Generator
Schaffner NSG5001  Automotive EMC Pulse Generator Plug-in
Schaffner NSG5003  Burst Pulse Generator
Schaffner NSG5005  Test Pulse Module For Nsg5000
Schaffner NSG500A  Interference Simulator
Schaffner NSG500B  Interference Simulator
Schaffner NSG500C  Interference Simulator
Schaffner NSG505  Surge Generator
Schaffner NSG506C  Auxillary Generator For Nsg500c
Schaffner NSG509/11  HV Test Generator
Schaffner NSG560  Surge Pulse Generator
Schaffner NSG600  EMC Mainframe
Schaffner NSG603  Line Dropout & Variation Plug-In
Schaffner NSG603A  AC/DC line dropout and variation simulat...
Schaffner NSG622  Fast Pulse Simulator
Schaffner NSG651  Single Phase Fast Transient/Burst Genera...
Schaffner PNW2050  Pulse Network Plug-in
Schaffner PNW2055  Pulse Network Plug-in
Schaffner SL402-667  Coupling network

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