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Boonton Test Equipment

Your search found 33 used / refurbished Boonton products.

Product Name Description Select
Boonton 1020  539 MHz FM/AM/PM Signal Generator
Boonton 1021  Programmable FM/AM RF Signal Generator
Boonton 102A  FM-AM Signal Generator, Cavity tuned low...
Boonton 102F  FM-AM Signal Generator, Cavity tuned low...
Boonton 103C  AM/FM Signal Generator Frequency range:...
Boonton 103D  AM/FM Signal Generator Frequency range:...
Boonton 25A  Power-Meter Calibrator
Boonton 4200  RF Microwatt Power Meter
Boonton 4200-4E-S/21  18GHz Power Sensor
Boonton 4220  Microwave Power Meter
Boonton 4400  RF Peak Power Meter
Boonton 4400A  RF Microwattmeter
Boonton 4500  RF Peak Power Meter
Boonton 4500A  RF Peak Power Meter
Boonton 4500B  RF Peak Power Meter
Boonton 51072  30MHz to 40GHz Power Sensor, -70 to +20d...
Boonton 51075  500kHz To 18GHz Power Sensor -70 To +20d...
Boonton 51077  500kHz To 18GHz Power Sensor -60 To +30d...
Boonton 56218  18GHz Power Sensor
Boonton 56318  0.5-18GHz Peak Power Sensor
Boonton 56326  0.5-26.5GHz Peak Power Sensor
Boonton 56518  0.5-18GHz Peak Power Sensor
Boonton 57318  0.5 - 18GHz Peak Power Sensor
Boonton 57340  0.5-40GHz Peak Power Sensor
Boonton 57518  $450 Power Sensor
Boonton 72A  Analog Capacitance Meter
Boonton 72B  Analog Capacitance Meter
Boonton 72C  Analog Capacitance Meter
Boonton 76-6A  Test Fixture
Boonton 8220  10-1300MHz Modulation Meter
Boonton 9200B  10Hz-2.5GHz RF Voltmeter
Boonton 9200C  RF Voltmeter Includes: 952001B RF Probe
Boonton 92C  RF Millivoltmeter

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