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Thandar Test Equipment

Your search found 35 used / refurbished Thandar products.

Product Name Description Select
Thandar 1705  4.5 Digit Multimeter
Thandar 1905A  Digital Multimeter
Thandar 1906  5.5 Digit Multimeter
Thandar CPX200  35V 10A Dual DC PSU
Thandar CPX400A  60V 20A 420W Dual Output DC Supply
Thandar EXT752M  75V Dual PSU
Thandar PL154  15.5V 4A Single DC Power Supply
Thandar PL310  32V 1.1A DC Power Supply
Thandar PL310QMD  32V 1.1A Dual DC Power Supply
Thandar PL320  32V 2A DC Power Supply
Thandar PL320QMD  32V 2A Power Supply
Thandar PL320QMT  32V Triple Power Supply
Thandar PL330  32V 3A DC PSU
Thandar PL330DP  32V 3A Dual-Channel PSU with GPIB/RS232
Thandar PL330P  32V 3A Single GPIB Power Supply
Thandar PL330QMD  32V 3A Dual Power Supply
Thandar TF830  1.3GHz Universal Counter
Thandar TG1010  10MHz Function Generator
Thandar TG1304  13MHz Function Generator
Thandar TG210  2MHz Function Generator
Thandar TG230  2MHz Function Generator
Thandar TG503  5MHz Pulse/Function Generator
Thandar TG550  5MHz Function Generator
Thandar TGA/1240  Arbitrary Waveform Generator
Thandar TGA1230  Arbitrary 10MHz Function Generator
Thandar TGA1241  Function Generator
Thandar TGA1242  Function Generator/arb
Thandar TGP110  10MHz Pulse Generator With Delay
Thandar TGR1040  10MHz-1GHz Signal Generator
Thandar TS1410  14V 10A DC Power Supply
Thandar TS3021S  30V 2A DC Power Supply
Thandar TS3022S  30V 2A Dual Output DC Power Supply
Thandar TSX1820  18V 20A DC Power Supply
Thandar TSX1820P  18V 20A Programmable DC Power Supply
Thandar TSX3510P  Power Supply 35V 10A

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