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Glassman DC Power Supplies

Paragon Test Equipment offers a selection of used & refurbished Glassman High Voltage Inc. precision regulated DC power supplies all offered between 30% and 85% off list pricing and backed by a 14-day return policy and up to a 1-year limited warranty.

Every piece of Glassman High Voltage equipment we sell is 100% Paragon Next2New re-certified by our in-house test equipment engineers. Each item undergoes an 8-step diagnostic procedure to ensure that the products you receive from Paragon are of the highest quality.

 6 Glassman DC Power Supplies
Product Name Description Select
Glassman ER15N20  15kV 20mA DC Power Supply
Glassman LV600-1.7  600V 1.7A Power Supply
Glassman LV80-37  80V 37A 3kW DC Power Supply
Glassman LVP600-1.7  600V / 1.7A Power Supply
Glassman PS/EX125NO.5OFB  Glassman High Voltage Power Supply, Outp...
Glassman PS/EXO.5F6.0  Glassman High Voltage Power Supply, Outp...

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