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Gigatronics Test Equipment

Your search found 23 used / refurbished Gigatronics products.

Product Name Description Select
Gigatronics 12520A  10MHz-20GHz Signal Generator
Gigatronics 58542  VXI Bus Universal Power Meter
Gigatronics 80301A  10MHz-18GHz Power Sensor -70 to +20dBm
Gigatronics 80320A  10MHz-18GHz Power Sensor -60 To +30dBm
Gigatronics 80324A  10MHz-40GHz Sensor -60 To +10dB
Gigatronics 80325A  10MHz-18GHz Power Sensor -40dBm To +47dB...
Gigatronics 80350A  45MHz-18GHz 200mW Peak Power Sensor
Gigatronics 80351A  45MHz-18GHz 5W Peak Power Sensor
Gigatronics 80401A  10MHz-18GHz 200mW Modulation Power Senso...
Gigatronics 80601A  $400 10MHz-18GHz 200mW Modulation Power Senso...
Gigatronics 80701A  $725 200mW 50MHz-18GHz Power Sensor
Gigatronics 8451C  Universal Power Meter
Gigatronics 8452C  Dual-Channel Universal Power Meter
Gigatronics 8540  40GHz RF Power Meter
Gigatronics 8541  $100 18GHz RF Power Meter
Gigatronics 8541B  RF Power Meter
Gigatronics 8541C  Single-Channel RF Power Meter
Gigatronics 8542  18GHz RF Power Meter
Gigatronics 8542B  Dual-Channel RF Power Meter
Gigatronics 8542C  Dual-Channel Power Meter
Gigatronics 8652A  $1,100 Dual-Channel RF Power Meter
Gigatronics 8911  10MHz-20GHz Swept Signal Generator
Gigatronics GT9000S/0.01-20  10MHz-20GHz Synthesized Microwave Sweepe...

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