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JDSU ANT20SE+OPTS1 - Network Analyzer

Call Today JDSU ANT20SE+OPTS1 Network Analyzer
Product Details:   
Manufacturer:  JDSU
Model Number:    ANT20SE+OPTS1
Category:  Network Analyzers
Availability:  Call or Request Quote
Condition:  Used / Refurbished
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Product Description - JDSU ANT20SE+OPTS1

Advanced Network Tester with Options: Mapping C12, 34 Mbps in C3 Mapping, Mapping C4, Mapping C11, 45Mbps in C3 Mapping, Mapping C2, Mapping VT1.5 SPE, Mapping VT6 SPE, SPE Mapping, E1 in VT2 SPE Mapping, Extended Overhead Analysis, Drop & Insert, Bit Error Test 2/8/34/140 Mbps, Bit Error Test 1,5/45 Mbps, Optics STM-1/4, , OC-1/3/12, 1550, OC-12c/STM-4c BERT, OC-48c/STM-4c BERT, OC-192c/STM64c BERT, Optics STM-64, OC-192 Generator/Analyzer 1550nm, New STM-16 1550, TCP/IP Remote Control, Test Sequencer

If you'd like to speak with a Paragon Representative concerning the JDSU ANT20SE+OPTS1 directly,
Please call, toll free: 1-800-370-0123 or 1-978-649-0722 for our international customers.

The JDSU ANT20SE+OPTS1 Network Analyzer is backed by a 14-day return policy, and comes with one of Paragon's standard limited warranty programs, including our Standard 90-Day Limited Warranty to domestic end-user customers.

* JDSU ANT20SE+OPTS1 availability, subject to prior sale.

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