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Aprel - Fully Automated EMI EMC HAC & SAR Test Systems

APREL is a pioneer in the field of fully automated EMI EMC compliance / standards test solutions and manufactures a broad range of instrumentation that includes: Automated Measurement Systems, E-field/H-field Probes & Sensors, Positioners, Software, Data Processing, Phantoms, Tissue Simulation Liquids, Dielectric Probes, Validation Dipoles, Helmholtz Coils and more.

Aprel EM-ISight EMI Scanning System

Aprel EM-ISight - ElectroMagnetic Scanning System

The Aprel EM-ISight EMI EMC Scanning Test System is a fully automated measurement solution designed to aid electronic and RF design engineers throughout the design cycle process.

The EM-ISight is a near field scanning system that can help solve even the most complex EMC EMI problems. It can operate in both receiver and transmitter modes making it the perfect solution for any design or compliance organization.

The EM-ISight System's performance is completely in line with International Standards IEC-61967 and VCCI.

Aprel Mini-HAC Hearing Aid Compatibility System

Aprel Mini-HAC - Hearing Aid Compatibility Test System

The Aprel Mini-HAC Hearing Aid Compatibility test system is a total compliance HAC bench measurement test solution that is designed to be both portable and reliable.

The Mini-HAC is ideal as a primary compliance instrument for hearing aid compatibility or as a design/development tool for HAC audio and near-field RF, E-field and H-field emissions evaluation for wireless handsets and hearing aids.

The MINI-HAC system is designed for developers, standards labs, regulatory organizations, researchers and more.

Aprel ALSAS-10 Specific Absorption Rate System

Aprel ALSAS-10U - Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) System

The Aprel ALSAS-10U Specific Absorption Rate System is a fully optimized test solution for the specific absorption rate (SAR) dosimetric evaluation of a broad range of wireless transceivers and antennas.

The ALSAS-10U is fully compliant with FCC Hearing Aid Compatibility testing for both radio frequency (RF) and audio spectrum requirements.

The ALSAS-10U system is designed to cover the frequency range from 30 MHz to 6 GHz and is fully compliant with the technical and scientific requirements of IEEE 1528, IEC 62209 Part 1 & 2 (draft) , CENELEC, ARIB, ACA, and the Federal Communications Commission.

APREL is an independent research-driven engineering company specializing in communication and consumer product testing, product development and scientific research with a strong background in Radio Frequency (RF) health and safety, specific absorption rate (SAR) and hearing aid compatibility (HAC), electromagnetics (EMI/EMC, and electro-acoustics.

APREL is committed to the development of new and automated comprehensive methodologies for SAR, HAC and EMI/EMC measurements that meet international standards and compliance regulations.

Aprel Test Systems - EMC, EMI, HAC & SAR Compliance: