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Aeroflex Test & Measurement Equipment

Paragon Test Equipment offers a selection of used & refurbished Aeroflex Corporation test & measurement equipment all offered between 30% and 85% off list pricing and backed by a 14-day return policy and up to a 1-year limited warranty.

Every piece of Aeroflex Corporation hardware we sell is 100% Paragon Next2New re-certified by our in-house test equipment engineers. Each item undergoes an 8-step diagnostic procedure to ensure that the products you receive from Paragon are of the highest quality.

 200 Aeroflex Test Equipment
Product Name Description Select
Aeroflex 1000S  Radio Service Monitor
Aeroflex 1100S  1GHz Radio Communications Test Set
Aeroflex 1200A  1GHz Radio Communications Test Set
Aeroflex 1200S  1GHz Spectrum Analyzer, 100kHz to 1GHz...
Aeroflex 1200SR  1GHz Scanning Receiver
Aeroflex 1200SUPER-S  Communications Service Monitor
Aeroflex 1500  1GHz Radio Communications Test Set
Aeroflex 1500S  1GHz Radio Communications Test Set
Aeroflex 1600S  Communications Service Monitor, 250kHz...
Aeroflex 1900  Radio Communications Test Set
Aeroflex 1900CSA  Radio Communications Test Set
Aeroflex 2017  10KHz-1024MHz Low Noise Signal Generator
Aeroflex 2018  80KHz -520MHz Synthesized Signal Generat...
Aeroflex 2019  80KHz-1040MHz Synthesized RF Signal Gene...
Aeroflex 2019A  80KHz-1040MHz Synthesized Signal Generat...
Aeroflex 2019A/GPIB  80KHz-1040MHz Signal Generator
Aeroflex 2019A/GPIB/PULSE  10KHz-1040MHz RF Signal Generator
Aeroflex 2022  Synthesized 10KHz-1GHz Signal Generator
Aeroflex 2022A  1GHz Signal Generator
Aeroflex 2022C  10KHz-1GHz Synthesized Signal Generator
Aeroflex 2022E  10KHz-1.01GHz Synthesized Signal Generat...
Aeroflex 2023  10KHz-1.2GHz Signal Generator
Aeroflex 2023A  10KHz-1.2GHz Synthesized Signal Generato...
Aeroflex 2023B  10KHz-2.05GHz Synthesized Signal Generat...
Aeroflex 2024  9KHz-2.4GHz Synthesized Signal Generator
Aeroflex 2024/004  10KHz-2.4GHz Synthesized Signal Generato...
Aeroflex 2025  2.51GHz Signal Generator
Aeroflex 2026A  10KHz-2.05GHz Multisource Generator
Aeroflex 2026B  10KHz-2.51GHz Multisource Generator
Aeroflex 2026Q  10KHz-2.4GHz CDMA Interferer M/source Ge...
Aeroflex 2031/001/002/102  2.7GHz Synthesized Signal Generator
Aeroflex 2032  10KHz-5.4GHz Signal Generator
Aeroflex 2040  1.35GHz Signal Generator
Aeroflex 2041  2.7GHz Low Noise Signal Generator
Aeroflex 2042 Buy Now$4,500 5.4GHz Low Noise Signal Generator
Aeroflex 2042/001  5.4GHz Low Noise Signal Generator
Aeroflex 2050  1.35GHz Digital & Vector Signal Generato...
Aeroflex 2051  10KHz-2.7GHz Digital & Vector Signal Gen...
Aeroflex 2051/001  10KHz-2.7GHz Digital & Vector Signal Gen...
Aeroflex 2051/01/012  10KHz - 2.7GHz Digital & Vector Signal...
Aeroflex 2051T  10KHz-2.7GHz Tetra Vector Signal Generat...
Aeroflex 2052  5.4GHz Digital & Vector Signal Generator
Aeroflex 2052T  Digital & Vector Signal Generator
Aeroflex 2186  0-5GHz 0-130dB Programmable Attenuator
Aeroflex 2187  0-20GHz 0-130dB Programmable Attenuator
Aeroflex 2305  2GHz Modulation Meter
Aeroflex 2380/82  400MHz Spectrum Analyzer with TG
Aeroflex 2380/83  4.2GHz Spectrum Analyzer (with T/gen)
Aeroflex 2380/86  3GHz Spectrum Analyzer
Aeroflex 2386  26.5GHz Spectrum Analyzer
Aeroflex 2388  1GHz Active Probe
Aeroflex 2390A  22GHz Spectrum Analyzer
Aeroflex 2390AP  22GHz Spectrum Analyzer With TG & Quasi...
Aeroflex 2392  9KHz-2.9GHz Spectrum Analyzer
Aeroflex 2395  9KHz-26.5GHz Spectrum Analyzer
Aeroflex 2398  9KHz-2.7GHz Spectrum Analyzer
Aeroflex 2399  2.9GHz Spectrum Analyzer
Aeroflex 2399B  9KHz-3GHz Spectrum Analyzer
Aeroflex 2437  100MHz Counter Timer
Aeroflex 2442  26.5GHz Microwave Counter
Aeroflex 2610  TRUE RMS Voltmeter
Aeroflex 2828B  Digital Simulator
Aeroflex 2829  Digital Analyzer
Aeroflex 2830A  Multiplex Tester
Aeroflex 2831-CH  Access Switch
Aeroflex 2840A  2MB Handheld Transmission Analyzer
Aeroflex 2841  2mb Handheld Transmission Analyzer
Aeroflex 2850  2MB Bert Tester
Aeroflex 2850A  Data Analyzer
Aeroflex 2850BS  Data Analyzer
Aeroflex 2851  2MBps Bert Tester
Aeroflex 2851S  Digital Analyzer
Aeroflex 2852  2/8/34m Transmission Analyzer
Aeroflex 2854S  140mb/s Data Analyzer
Aeroflex 2855S  140MBps Digital Communications Analyzer
Aeroflex 2871  Communications Analyzer
Aeroflex 2935  Quad Band GSM Test Set
Aeroflex 2945  1GHz Radio Communications Test Set
Aeroflex 2945A  1GHz Radio Communications Test Set
Aeroflex 2945A/1/3/5/6/23  Radio Communications Test Set
Aeroflex 2945B  Radio Communications Test Set
Aeroflex 2946A  Radio Communications Test Set (avionics)
Aeroflex 2948  Low Phase Noise Communications Service...
Aeroflex 2955  1GHz Radio Communications Test Set
Aeroflex 2955A  1GHz Radio Communications Test Set
Aeroflex 2955A/2957A  1GHz Radio Communications Test Set With...
Aeroflex 2955A/2960  1GHz Radio Communications Test Set
Aeroflex 2955B  1GHz Radio Communications Test Set
Aeroflex 2955B/2957B  1GHz Radio Communications Test Set
Aeroflex 2955R  1GHz Radio Communications Test Set
Aeroflex 2957  AMPS Cellular Adapter For 2955
Aeroflex 2957A  Radio Communications Test Set AMPS
Aeroflex 2957B  AMPS Cellular Adapter for 2955B
Aeroflex 2957D  Analog & Digital AMPS Adapter For 2955B
Aeroflex 2957D/020  AMPS Cellular Adapter For 2955B
Aeroflex 2958  TACS Cellular Adaptor For Marconi 2955
Aeroflex 2959  Multi-mode Cellular Test Set
Aeroflex 2960  1GHz Radio Communications Test Set
Aeroflex 2960/30  Cellular Adaptor For Marconi 2955/2955A
Aeroflex 2960A  Radio Communications Test Set

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